Equine Preventative Medicine in Knob Lick, KY

The best way to ensure your horse’s health and longevity is through preventative medicine. Staying up to date on vaccinations, hygienic procedures, examinations and more are all optimal ways to help your animal ward off illness, lameness and chronic conditions.

Southern Equine Veterinary Services is proud to be your partner for equine preventative medicine in Knob Lick, Metcalfe County, Hiseville, and Center, KY. We care about the wellbeing of your horse and strive to help you care for it in every way possible. Some of our capabilities include:

Equine Veterinarian KY

  • Strategic immunization with guarantees: Through the vaccine assurance programs, we help you obtain the equine vaccination services in KY your horse requires to live a full, healthy life. Consult with us today about vaccinations and when the optimal time for them to be administered is.
  • Deworming solutions: Worms and other parasitic organisms can wreak havoc on your horse’s digestion and intestinal systems, as well as cardio health. We provide deworming solutions that free them of these parasites once and for all.
  • Electronic USDA Coggins: We offer digitized images of your horse when administering Coggins tests, giving you access to USDA-approved records. We can help you determine if your horse has the virus causing Equine Infectious Anemia and take an appropriate course of action based on results. All owners can have access to our online system though my vetlink.com.
  • Electronic certificates of veterinary inspection: Digital vet records help you keep better track of your horse’s health profile and stay up to date on whatever procedures may be upcoming. This organization also helps us to see trends or reference history when it comes to medical diagnosis.
  • Physical, insurance examinations: A thorough and knowledgeable examination is required at many stages of a horse’s life. Consult with our team if you require an authorized examination and we’ll be glad to administer it per the guidelines of the situation.
  • Sheath cleaning: Sheath cleaning is a hygienic procedure that all geldings and stallions benefit from. It protects from infections and general discomfort, improving the quality of life and insemination capabilities of your horses.
  • Castrations: If your colt has control issues, exhibits violent behavior or is not being considered for siring, castration could be in order. Consult with our team today about how we can assist with this process.
  • Farm calls: Equine farm calls in KY are a great way to treat your horse in an environment that’s familiar to it, to save you from having to transport it to an area where it might be skittish or uncomfortable. We’re happy to provide farm calls by appointment.
  • Digital radiology: Radiology is a critical component in helping your horse overcome illness and injury, and is utilized to best develop a recovery plan. It can also be part of routine examinations to sign off on a horse’s health.
  • Farrier consultations: Hoof issues can be debilitating for a horse. We offer farrier consultations to gauge the health of your horse’s hooves and recommend solutions on how to minimize injury, quell pain, recover from injury and more.
  • Necropsy: For euthanized animals, we provide necropsy services to determine a cause of death. Our findings can help illustrate health conditions, internal injuries or other variables that may have contributed to loss of life.
  • Euthanasia: When quality of life reaches a low point and a horse is suffering, euthanasia is a humane option. We ease your animal’s suffering swiftly and humanely.
  • Microchip Identification: We use the slim line Datamar Equine chip for highly reliable identification for your horse.

In-House Equine Diagnostics

Equine Profile Plus (Chemsitry), Complete Blood Count (CBC), Stable Lab Bloodwork values guide us in our horse’s overall health. Knowing these values establishes a baseline so that we may understand how our horse’s body systems are performing on a normal day. It also provides insight into the inner wellness of our horse’s organs and immune systems. In addition, it’ll tell us how their liver, kidneys, and muscles are performing. With this knowledge, we can make recommendations on the best future care of your horse to keep them enjoying life with us as long as possible. Your horse will greatly appreciate it!

Included in the Basic CBC Blood Test:

Included in the Basic CBC Blood Test:

For more information about any of the preventative medicines and reproduction services our horse vets provide, please contact us today by calling 270-261-1177.